After years of trying different ways to publish content, complete tasks for clients, failing at some points, and wasting $$$, I've discovered the top 7 most cost-efficient and effective web-based services for freelancers and local businesses.

1. Builderall

Builderall is a digital marketing and website design platform that specializes in: (1) website hosting and design (2) email hosting and automation (3) complex funnels made easy (4) lead capture, survey, and booking forms (5) chatbot funnels. You can create funnels, email sequences, and websites with drag and drop interfaces that replace the need for coding. What's most awesome about Builderall is that they do not rely on anyone else for their website hosting. In other words, your legal free speech is safe on websites built with Builderall. Wix and others rely on Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Google Cloud Platform (GCP). And they are infamous for breaking service contracts with those who don't align with their political values. But Builderall has their own services located in Orlando, Florida, and has their own content delivery network (CDN). They are apolitical and hate censorship. Get 14-day free trial no credit card required.

2. Elfsight Apps

With Elfsight Apps, add any number of widgets to your website for chatting, collecting reviews, embedding audio and video players, and placing your social media feeds on your web pages. Choose from 80+ different widgets. Customize the widgets to seamlessly integrate them into your webpages without having to know any code. Just copy and paste the code into the iframe element in Builderall's website builder. There's a free plan for one widget and the paid plans for all the widgets start at $15 per month. Get it now with a 14-day money-back guarantee.

3. ContentStudio

ContentStudio lives true to its name. It's a social media and content marketing automation tool. You can schedule and publish social media posts to the top social media platforms, including your WordPress blog feed. You can analyze data to see which posts and keywords are popular, and to see when the best time is to post to the different social media platforms. You can create automated tasks from re-posting video and blog articles from creators that you like and trust. If you have a team working with you, you can add them as users, categorize content, and assign tasks to your team members. Get 14-day free trial no credit card required.

4. Replug

Replug is much more than just a link shortener. You can track clicks and user session data with deep link tracking. You can also add branded pop-ups and balloon notifications to the page that your shortened link opens. This gives you the chance to add a final call to action related to the destination page's content. It integrates with ContentStudio.

5. Canva

Everyone knows Canva, but if you don't, it's worth signing up just for the free version. You can design anything using any one of the thousands of templates they have waiting for you. Create items for print or for publication on the web, from posters and banners to logos and social media posts that meet the specific dimension requirements. Create videos from stock media. Paid version starts at $10 per month. Get 30-day free pro trial.

6. Accessibe

Accessibe automates ADA & WCAG compliance so that those with disabilities can still use your website. Just follow the easy-to-install instructions to embed the website widget without having to know any code. Accessibe also adds an accessibility statement and a certificate of performance to your website, and they provide free legal references that may save you a lot of money in preventing legal issues from ever making it to court. Get 7-day free trial.

7. We-Connect

As a new approach to LinkedIn prospecting, We-Connect provides the safest, most advanced, and most affordable LinkedIn outreach platform. Send, receive, and check messages; automate tasks; organize the information you receive from your LinkedIn connections; utilize LinkedIn information in email and social marketing campaigns. Get 14-day free trial.