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What we do for ministries, NGOs, churches, and schools

Our websites will rocket your results.

 We connect your website to email, social media, analytics, and other digital marketing tools.
 We ensure your orgnization is searchable and discoverable online.
 We have professional backgrounds in Christian ministry and education

Create a uniform brand on social media and online directories

Apply for Google Ads grant for potential free advertising

Receive donations and schedule appointments with volunteers online

Collect contacts for direct mailing campaigns

Promote crowdfunding campaigns

About Aviv Sites

Aviv is Hebrew and means 'spring' or 'ripe for harvest'. Invest today in a new beginning for your business online and begin reaping the rewards of your labor. Choose Aviv Sites as your local growth partner who shares your values.

Aviv Sites, based in Tennessee, is the certified agency for Builderall in the Metropolitan Nashville Area. We serve local businesses, Christian nonprofits, and the self-employed nationwide who value our religious heritage, the family, individual responsibility, and personal liberty.
Jonathan Lankford attended Christian school from K5 to university. He graduated with a Master's in Education and a Bachelor's in Bible. After teaching humanities in Vietnam for 13 years, he returned to Nashville, TN, and started Aviv Sites. He has both the knowledge and passion necessary to serve Christian and education organizations that share his values. He wishes to see the businesses he helps become a driving force of conservative reformation in an ever progressive society.

Why choose Aviv Sites

Regardless of budget, get a professional website and email marketing solution from an agency that shares your values.


Schools and other ministries with limited budgets often use personal Gmail accounts. When there is a personnel shift, access to digital assets is gone forever. Get unlimited professional email accounts on your custom domain and a record of your digital assets.
Facebook pages are no replacement for websites. You do not own your Facebook page. When we host your website,  it's yours. We guarantee service, regardless of opinions and content, as long as it's legal.
We have solutions for any budget, even if you don't have a budget. That's because we are honored to serve like-minded Christian organizations like yours and get your registered nonprofit the visibility that it needs.

What people say

Francis Hung
Corporate Master Trainer
They have done a great job to help my company with the digital marketing. From designing websites to building the platform for social media, they dedicated their expertise to the work to ensure our online presence. I would recommend their services to everyone.
Cody Fuston
American Novelist
Jonathan is a remarkable man and educator who loves what he does and what he teaches. He is kind and compassionate while also being passionate about learning and teaching. Jonathan goes above and beyond what is necessary and is a true leader because he leads by example.


Ministries, NGOs, Churches, Schools