Hello Everyone,

I'd like to take this opportunity to share with you the special days approaching from which I derived the brand Aviv Sites. The Biblical month of Aviv begins this Thursday evening. The Biblical New Year begins Thursday evening, according to the sighting of the new moon in Israel and the readiness of Israel's barley harvest (that is now aviv).

This means that Biblical Passover will be Thursday evening, April 6, 2023.

The significance of this date cannot be overstated and the impact it has had and will have on earth and in heaven is incalculable. 

It was this day approximately 3,470 years ago that the Most High God Creator of Heaven and Earth, Yehovah, judged the sons of Egypt, saving millions of Israelites and non-Israelite believers from their Egyptian slavery. He then spoke with Moses face to face and issued His divine commands in the hearing and presence of all Israel and non-Israelite believers. They entered into an everlasting covenant with the Creator at Mount Sinai and considered the covenant to be the gateway to accessing a new Tree of Life. All those who keep the commandments of Yehovah will live by them. They are the Word of God.

It was this day approximately 1994 years ago that the only birthed Son of God who had come as the Word of God was judged as a substitutionary and everlasting sacrifice for our breaking of His covenant. The crucifixion stake which was a sign of death became to us a Tree of Life. The evidence for the validity of the sacrifice was Yeshua's (Jesus's) resurrection on the Sabbath 3 days and 3 nights that historical year.

As we look back at these events with utmost reverence and fear, let us also look ahead to the prophetic occurrences that will be revealed to us in time, events about which the Passover and Exodus are types to be repeated.

Peace to you in the name of Yehovah.

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