About Aviv Sites

We are Messianic Christians who serve local businesses and nonprofits nationwide, especially those who share our Judeo-Christian values.

 How we got started

Jonathan Lankford launched Aviv Sites in 2018 to provide free or low-cost services to religious nonprofits. After being removed or censored on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest, Jonathan became passionate about helping fundamentally Christian, Messianic, or Jewish organizations maintain their free speech online so that they could continue to promote their social, religious, and family values.

Aviv Sites operates in the state of Tennessee but serves the nation. We have provided custom websites, technical SEO, email marketing, and social media branding for local businesses and solopreneurs in real estate, accounting, property management, and retail. Aviv Sites has had international clients from Vietnam, but we are the certified agency for Builderall in the Metro-Nashville area.

 Our credentials

 Our website host and builder

Aviv Sites uses free-speech advocate Epik as the domain registrar and Builderall as the website and email host. The Builderall all-in-one package of 40+ website and marketing apps saves you thousands of dollars per year and is independent from Big Tech.
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Funnel Builder
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Builderall Builder or WordPress
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Other Apps
40+ Other Apps

 Our team

Jonathan Lankford
Website Consultant

About Jonathan

Jonathan Lankford was a university lecturer and guidance counselor for 13 years in Vietnam, where he also spent a great deal of time with those doing Christian nonprofit work. He started in tech in 2018. The physical move back to the United States marked a turning point in Jonathan’s life and the beginning of Aviv Sites. He has a passion to serve organizations that share his values and wants to see the businesses he helps become a driving force of conservative reformation in an ever progressive society.


Add our services to your own by affiliating yourself with us. You'll not only provide added value to the clients you serve, but you will also receive commission of 25% on every service agreement we sign because of your direct referral. Complete the contact form below to express your interest in possible affiliation.

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We are a Builderall Certified Agency based in Tennessee, the Volunteer State. We are located just outside of Nashville, the home of country music and the state captital. Our service area includes all 50 states of the United States of America, but we have international clients as well.  To contact us, complete the form below or send a message through one of the social media channels located at the bottom of the page.